Writing activities for the great gatsby

Your work should be posted at the Digital Maps pageand it will be checked once a week on Thursdays. What new information did you discover about the character? Download Character Timelines here: Here, students appreciate how class differences create conflict within individual lives as well as society as a whole.

Go to the Gatsby Role-Plays page to find a link to where your group will complete your role-plays. Each group member will take the role of a different character no overlap allowed. What is the emotional state of the character in this chapter?

You CAN grapple with themes without human characters, but you will need to choose appropriate sounds, music, and images to set the right mood for the interpretation you intend to elicit. Students are required to make one journal entry per chapter in the novel, and address the following questions for each entry: Types of Writing, 1.

Looking through the Feminist Lens — students write two descriptive statements one from a traditional masculine perspective, and the second from a feminist perspective contrasting ideals of gender e.

Visual interpretation of text — using the graphic novel, or a storyboard format, students interpret a scene within the text through visual means. This might be extended to a one-page character summary focusing on how that character developed over the course of the novel.

Possible deviation from this activity: Page history last edited by David Gower 9 years, 9 months ago Activities Introduction to Fitzgerald and Roaring Twenties through biographical essay, documentary footage, and directed lecture contextualizing the historical period when this narrative was written, and its setting.

One copy will be kept by teacher for later comparison, and the other copy will be returned to student with comments and suggestions.

Next, go to Flickr, search for appropriate images, and select the images you will use to tell your adaptation of the story. On-Line Role-Play -- In groups of 4, you will participate in an on-line role-play of characters you think stand out as intriguing or believable.

What do you think will happen to the character in the next chapter? Through this activity, students appreciate the unequal social expectations among men and women. Also, the teacher may have students write paragraph reflection on this visual interpretation, and how their visual motifs, and style, represent the ideas they had about the text.

Post your original role-play position and all following responses to a single group wiki page using this wiki. Students become experts of particular ideas, and relate these ideas to those within the group; this puts students in expert roles, and reveals that they can go to each other for enhanced understanding.

Students explore how these differences are apparent within their own lives, hopefully noting how the ideas within the text transfer to an understanding of their own experiences.

Systematic visual representation of events reinforces memory of events within the text; ultimately, this facilitates a stronger discussion within class. Gatsby Unit - Character Timeline with Actions. Within a whole group context, students share their results with one another. This provides the context of essential ideas they will need to consider when framing their reading of the text.

Students will submit two copies of their first draft. Already have an account? If used, the journals would be collected at the end of the unit. Students share in class, and provide explanation of meaning and relation to text.

What do you expect to learn about them next? Find my example of a digital map of The Great Gatsby here. The final paper will be due two weeks from initial due date. First select which scene you wish to explore in this narrative medium.

Plan, organize and compose narrative, expository, descriptive, persuasive, critical and research writing to address a specific audience and purpose. Each week you will be expected to make at least five meaningful additions and appropriate edits to a digital map that organizes your ideas concerning how the narrative of The Great Gatsby is organized according to setting sthemes, characters, emotions, class distinctions, or any other classification or commonality shared by various characters or entities.

Vary the types and content of the images and tiles you use to make your presentation more dynamic.The Great Gatsby writing prompts never fail to get conversation started. And not just any surface conversation! In response to the 35 questions, learners will write a short quickwrite essay in a journal writing.

The great gatsby lesson plans and worksheets from thousands of teacher-reviewed resources to help you inspire students learning.

The "Secret Society" and Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" Tools. Email. The Lesson.

Activities, Projects, and Assessments for The Great Gatsby

Introduction and other factors affect the perception of social status in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. and imaginative writing skills; Write a "credo" for the "secret society" implied in The Great Gatsby. Preparation Instructions. Engaging student activities for The Great Gatsby by F.

Scott Fitzgerald include literary conflict storyboards, character analysis, and looking at Jay Gatsby as an antihero. Creative Writing: Pretend you are a private eye hired by Tom or Wilson to spy on their significant other!

Create a. The Great Gatsby.

The Great Gatsby Chapter 5 Creative Writing Activity

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The Great Gatsby COMPLETE UNIT with creative, fun and formal activities! I love teaching The Great Gatsby! My students always have a tremendous response to this novel.4/5(2).

Writing activities for the great gatsby
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