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Going back to the ethical dilemmas created in sports, these behaviors promoted in sports today are unethical. The best approach is to become an example for your students, athletes, and children.

This is a minimum expectation not taking into account other factors such as athleticism and execution of techniques. Over-conformity to the norms of the sport ethic is the Violence sport essay choice. I examined the examples of athletes approach to sports that implies that violence is unfortunately bread into the fibers of most competitive sports.

That is a good thing of course. In this paper, I defined the term violence and explained it in terms of context within sports.

Violence In Sports Essay Sample

Sport in contemporary society: In other sports violence is expected. In some sports, violence is merely a byproduct of the competition.

In American society, the values we try to promote are believed to be good. On-the-field violence is related to a number of things including over-conformity to the norms of the sport ethic, commercialization, and masculinity.

What do you think our youth are processing in their minds as they see this? More specifically, the effect of violence in sports towards youth. Further evidence of off-the-field violence is found in a survey constructed by Jeff Benedict and Don Yaeger during the season, which finds that one in five NFL players surveyed had been charged with a serious criminal act.

Michael Strahan, one of the best defensive football players of all times, explains in an interview in his passion for hurting a player on the field: At this stage, coaches and parents should take note to provide explanations that justify your request for them to behave ethically.

Violent behavior is not limited to the players on field. Although it is not expected as it is among the players, fans will engage in violence as a way of expressing, or reacting, to their emotional involvement with the sport. As a principal, I would attempt to meet with the principal of the other school and ask him to make comparable steps to help ensure the safety of everyone involved.

WoJnar Abstract Sports and violence are complimentary to one another. He stresses the importance to explain and discuss moral behavior Martens, They must play the game in such a way that they maximize their earning potential. More essays like this: March 2, — The NFL announces it has evidence Williams created a bounty program soon after his arrival in Analysts also found that in the NBA season, 40 percent of the players had a police record involving a serious crime.

The result is a higher injury rate than anyone desires.

Violence in Sports

The article goes on to describe how the culture of these sports can at time go beyond what the sport requires.

Just inthirty-eight players in football were arrested for violent crimes. The right way is you could explain that it demonstrates sportsmanship and reflects well on the team and school.

Hopefully we could avert any trouble before it happens. For an athlete to secure lifelong financial security they must play with Violence sport essay of physicality that warrants their need to the team.

I would also have hand outs ready for fans as they enter the stadium outlining our procedure for those that violate orderly conduct policies. Lastly I would do all I could to make the presence of security personnel such as faculty, staff, and police officers, visible for all to see.

However, learning and obtaining the positive traits listed earlier are not the only things being learned through the sports experience. Coming from sports analysts who commit their time to this topic find it very difficult to make the transition from a playing field filled with violence, to a nonviolent life off the field.

Where can we start to prevent attitudes just described?Violence in sports effect on children. Children can be said to be highly influenced by the violence that exists in sports. Children are naive and when violence in sports is propagated in the television persons that have never played the sport like children get the wrong impression of the sport.

By and large, this paper offers a discussion of theories that explain violence in sports, how violence is sports occurs, and how violence in sports can be prevented.

Theories For Violence in Sports. Basically, there are three theories that have been proposed to explain violence in sports. Violence In Sports Essay Sample.

The purpose of this paper is to examine the effects of violence in sports. More specifically, the effect of violence in sports towards youth. Free Essay: Violence in Sports With the increase in society taking a stance against violence, sports has become an area where some feel that the violent acts.

Violence in Sports Brian Thompson American Military University SPMT Pamela J. WoJnar Abstract Sports and violence are complimentary to one another. In some sports, violence is merely a byproduct of the competition. In other sports violence is expected.

Violence In Sports Essay - Violence in Sports To: Mrs.

Woods From: Jean-Philippe Do you think there's a connection between sports and violence. If you do, do you think it should be banned.

I too think that it's connected but, unlike most people, don't think it should be banned.

Violence sport essay
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