The influence of globalization on business

I mentioned a 3 -5 year window above, but like anyone who looks forward, this is just my best guess. I would also suggest you pick your markets well, and that you realize a few years down the road, the landscape will look differently than it does today — this could work for you or against you.

These include property rights, legal process, and published regulations and statues. The political issues of a country make globalisation channelised as per political bosses.

In addition, specific reforms such as privatization of state owned industry, relaxation of capital controls, and liberalization of rules regarding foreign direct investment are all encouraging growth and investment. On an aggregate basis the statistics are impressive.

The butterfly can be felt globally. In some places, political control of the Internet means the government censors the Internet and bans access to certain websites.

The Impact of Globalization on Business

The Internet creates a global, but not universal, community. This was due to the fact that these countries were able to improve upon the basic design of these microchips and produce them at a cost that was attractive to companies such as IBM and Apple.

This makes thinking about your own business from a global perspective increasingly necessary for success and survival. The large markets as consumer bases in Asian countries have led many European, Korean to Japanese manufacturing conglomerates and shift their manufacturing and trading bases in Asian countries.

The incredible expansion of internet-related business, for example, means that a crafts person in Connecticut potentially has customers all over the world.

The Impact of the Internet on Globalization

Market diversification will continue and will almost certainly increase. As may be seen from the table low on scale is lack or shortfall and hence, ranking is low.

One example is the way in which American auto makers have built manufacturing plants in countries such as Mexico and Japan, taking advantage of emerging markets and beneficial tax breaks to create jobs, produce goods cheaply, and reap the financial rewards.

If more likely when the US economy does falter again, the inter-dependant nature of the global economy will likely stave off a collapse. A single large trade event -- in this instance the threatened trade-war between the U. The inevitable result of this trend toward globalization is the increasing interdependence of national economies.

Customers now had more options when it came to buying cars, and many chose the gas-efficient, less costly Japanese vehicles, which triggered intense competition with American auto manufacturers.

Utilisation of built up capacities of production, sluggishness in domestic market and over production makes a manufacturing company look outward and go global.

Most of the news networks were local or national prior to the Internet revolution, and only a few companies, such as CNN, broadcast in other countries. By50 percent of world GDP will be accounted for by emerging markets. My suggestion is to get a toe hold in the global market before the ship leaves the harbor and your window of opportunity has closed.

If you have a pig farm in North Carolina, the threatened Chinese percent tariff on pork imports directly hurts your business. The bottom line on globalization is that it creates an opportunity for businesses to expand revenue streams, diversify risk and increase brand equity.

As consumers continue to become more demanding and the world economy continues to flatten there will soon be an expectation that you be able to serve multiple markets in a seamless fashion.

In the past, countries were more focused on building up markets within their own borders, but as trade barriers have loosened, industrialized powers are increasingly seeking foreign markets to bolster their profits. The regional trade understandings or agreements determine the scope of globalization.(a) To define Globalization, (b) To determine the impact of Globalization in the Global Market.

(c) To identify the key role of Information Technology in Globalization. (d) To examine the impact of Globalization in International Politics. (e) To see if Globalization leads to Economic Depression. Globalization has made it much easier for companies to share, buy and sell technological developments that once used to be proprietary.

For example, the development of the personal computer in the s, was, at first, an American innovation.

7 Factors Influencing Globalization – Discussed!

THE IMPACT OF GLOBALIZATION ON INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS International business refers to a wide range of business activities undertaken across national borders.

Along with rapidly increasing globalization, international business has become a popular topic and has drawn the attention of business executives, government officials and academics.

Globalization has impacted nearly every aspect of modern life and continues to be a growing force in the global economy. While there are a few drawbacks to globalization, most economists agree that it's a force that's both unstoppable and net beneficial to the world economy.

7 Factors Influencing Globalization – Discussed!

How Does Globalization Affect an Organization's Business Approach?

The hiring of services and procurement of sub-assemblies and components have a strong influence in the globalisation process. world trade by bridging space and time. IT has revolutionised the way the business goes. E-money, e-banking, B2B business, B2C business and internet have added.

The impact of globalization on business can be placed into two broad categories: market globalization and production globalization. Market globalization is the decline in barriers to selling in countries other than the home country.

The influence of globalization on business
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