Shattered by eric walters

My English teacher seriously rocks. To view it, click here. Everyone should read this at one point in their lives because it contains a very important message. Ian had his own personal conflicts too, no? This book can absolutely bring out a discussion about the homeless and through many subjects: Examples From the Book — She asked Ian if there is another place he could help out at.

I understand that Ian wanted to get his hours done but seriously everyday????? In fact, as we are reading Lord of the Flies at the same time, this seemed like a piece of cake to understand, and I fell in love with this fictional world right away. He went from one of those stupid typical teens in high school to a person who was very aware.

So really, go ahead and become obsessed, pick up your first Eric Walters book and soak all of the realism in, without any teeny-bopper romance or cheesiness. Character — Ian Personality Traits — caring, curious, nice, honest, considerate, intimidated, worried, passionate, Shattered by eric walters helpful.

Ian teaches Jacques that every life is special because Jacques thinks he is worthless. In the end, Ian had ended up helping out Jacques a lot. Once I finished I literally dropped the book and this was my reaction There was too much to think about at once Something that absolutely killed me while I was reading the book was the sense of repetitiveness.

Examples From the Book — She locks the doors as tight as a drum each and every night. Ian felt embarrassed of his wealth and made sure to keep a low profile and look "poor. A little disturbing, but well written, and Walters deserves an applause for that. I found the book Shelves: You see, Walters created a world that made the rich and the poor, or the poverty and the wealth bond.

Little does he know that Sarge will actually save his life and he will do the same for him vice versa The most important thing that I like about this book is the message.

Other than that I thought this book was really inspiring and thoughtful and deserved to be talked about. Examples From the Book — He will buy Ian cars to repay for not being around. He always learned something new.

Each person eating at The Club is only allowed to have one serving of whatever he is serving each. To be honest, you saw that there was a wide chance for Sarge and Ian to become friends.

Ian tries to help Jacques through his rough past and also tries to encourage him to stop drinking. I read too many books not to know his style Shattered, on the other hand, was something fresh, something iv never read before.

Eric Walters’ Shattered: Characters & Analysis

I guess prejudice is a huge thing in this world at the moment when it comes to judging a book beforehand, hm? The storyline follows what you kind of expect it to and not at the same time.

It teaches people to be more aware of their surroundings and how anybody could make a difference if they tried, like Ian did in this story. Here, we have Ian Blackburn, who is a rich fifteen year old getting forced to do community hours for his tenth grade Civics class.

While getting served at The Club, he met a boy named Ian who was volunteering to serve the food. Character — Berta Personality Traits — nice, paranoid, mother-like, caring, smart, loving, comforting, strong, supportive.

Another thing I really liked was the character developme Okaaaaay, I have a lot to say about this story, good and bad. Honestly, I thought this story was going to talk about spies and end up like one of those James Bond movies She thought The Club looked dirty and unsafe.

Examples From the Book — Some classmates pick on Ian. Okaaaaay, I have a lot to say about this story, good and bad. Jacques has a drinking problem and is homeless.Shattered by Eric Walters is a well structured book with obvious character development for the main character Ian.

He was a spoiled teenage boy who came from a rich family yet forced to go help out in the "club" for passing his civics class/5. Novel Study of Shattered by Eric Walters. Eric Walters’ Shattered: Characters & ”Shattered” is a book about a man named Jacques (or Sarge) who was involved in the Rwandan Genocide.

Jacques has a drinking problem and is homeless. Buy the Paperback Book Shattered by Eric Walters at, Canada's largest bookstore. + Get Free Shipping on books over $25! Eric Walters certainly doesn't shy away from tackling horrific subjects. This book is a 2-for-1 – homelessness and genocide.

It is told with 4/5(11). Shattered [Eric;Arseneault, Michel Walters] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Shattered by eric walters
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