Research papers on socio economic development

Despite the excellent result these methods have some limitations. Communicable disease in the developing world plays a major part in the development, growth, prosperity and health of the nations. Developing nations need to maintain a balance of growth, by producing enough food for the nations own consumption, but also growing food for exportation, which will improve their GNP and their overall growth as a nation.

Occupations within the social classes tend to be more manual and risk-based occupations such as mining or engineering. It has been established that the poorer the country, the higher the number of work days lost, and, when work days are lost, so there is a loss of earnings and subsequently leads to a lower quality of life and poorer health Book 3, Page Another limitation is that not all countries adopt this drug therapy treatment.

The supervision of patients can be difficult especially in developing countries. In the fight to control communicable diseases it is important to recognise that there are many factors that contribute to the spread of disease and that these factors are complex and often perpetuate each other.

Developed countries have pioneered the way of preserving food for longer i. Morbidity in young adults in the developing countries, as a result of communicable diseases such as malaria, result in a greater number of days lost at work, in comparison with developed countries.

High IMR is partly due to communicable diseases and is also closely linked to high adult mortality rates. Those living in the lower social classes have a lower life expectancy than those in higher social classes Book 3, Page The eradication of these diseases is also a concern for the developed countries.

The vaccination also has limitations in that it is only effective in children. In the developing world, communicable disease accounts for half of the top twelve causes of death, yet in the developed world they are all but eradicated. Communicable disease in the developed world is not as important than in the developing world, as other degenerative diseases such as heart disease and cancer are of a greater threat.

In recent times, Acts of Law have been passed by Governments to protect employees, and as such limit the risk involved in the work practices. This involves patients being monitored while taking their drug therapy. A multi-disciplinary approach needs to be taken. There is a correlation between mortality rates in the developing countries, especially amongst children, and the level of education of the parents of the children.

Education improves the overall knowledge of looking after oneself and others, but also enables people to gain higher income levels, and thus, acquire purchasing power to buy the goods if availablewhich will help them improve their quality of life.

Health workers keep a record, which is then sent to a national register. Reducing the gap between the social classes will provide a better overall health and wealth of a nation.

Socio-Economic Development and Health

Question 2 Communicable diseases are infectious and parasitic diseases that can be spread by air, food, and water or by insects. There are many tools and precautions that may be used to bridge the gap. Some patients do not have transport to get to the clinics and may also need to choose a days work over going for treatment VC In the case of Tb, vaccinations and drug therapy was used to aid in the decline of this disease.Advancing the Social Economy for Socio-economic Development: International perspectives Crystal Tremblay.

The Canadian Social Economy Research Partnerships (CSERP) will periodically publish research papers on the Social Economy. The papers will be by both scholars within the academy and by practitioners. advanCing the. Read this essay on Role of Rcc in Socio Economic Development.

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Recently published articles from Journal of Socio-Economics. Recently published articles from Journal of Socio-Economics. Menu. Search. Search. Your Research Data. Eliciting risk-preferences in socio-economic surveys: How do different measures perform? February PDF | On Jan 1,Janneke Pieters and others published Essays on socio-economic development in India.

Research papers on socio economic development
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