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Joe does his best to console Marie as well.

The surgery starts as usual. Marie takes Oxygen study guide, but in spite of her best efforts, Jolene dies on the operating table. Her best guess is that Jolene went into anaphylactic shock as a result of an undiagnosed allergy.

Weeks go by before the autopsy report is released. In the middle of it, Joe comes to relieve Marie so she can take a break. Even after Marie learns of this, she is not convinced that it would change the case.

Exam Study Guide: Oxygen Levels

When Marie returns from her brief break, the surgery continues as usual. Marie begins facing depositions and continues working, but she feels decimated by what has happened.

The entire section is 1, words. Her heart was weak. The worst thing about the investigation is that Marie is not allowed to discuss what is happening with anyone. Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this page Oxygen study guide and get instant access to the following: Until the autopsy returns, there is no way to know what happened for sure.

Her daughter, Jolene, is an eight-year-old girl who requires surgery; consequently, Bobbie is very distraught. After all, no doctor has ever diagnosed her with a specific illness and her mother reports that she is a physically healthy girl.

Now First Lutheran will have to prepare for an inevitable lawsuit. When Marie first meets Bobbie Jenson, she does her best to comfort the distressed mother. Marie is a professional and she does her best to get a sense of who this child is. Marie is very perceptive of the feelings of those around her, which helps her adjust the pain-killing drugs she gives patients while they undergo surgery.

Marie is surprised by how much she enjoys her work because as an anesthesiologist she is a doctor but does not have much contact with patients. Their best bet is to settle out of court, and a mediator will settle the amount they pay.

First Lutheran is a very busy hospital—so much so that the anesthesiologists go out of their way to give each other breaks midway through surgery—but Marie is a focused and professional doctor with an exemplary record.

Because a child died on the operating table, there is no way the hospital will want to see this lawsuit go to court.Oxygenation Study Guide 1. Arterial Blood Gases A method used to assess the efficiency of gas transfer in the lung and tissue oxygenation.

Oxygen Summary

ABG's are measured to determine oxygenation status and acid-base balance. Blood for ABG analysis can be obtained by arterial puncture or from arterial catheter, usually in the radial or femoral artery.

Both techniques only allow intermittent analysis. Educate yourself with our Oxygen Therapy Guide If you or someone you care about has recently received a prescription for oxygen therapy, you’ve probably realized there’s a lot to learn.

New technologies for concentrating and delivering supplemental oxygen now allow more freedom of movement than ever before, but it’s helpful to master a.

Air comes in the nasal cavity, passes through the pharynx, and through the larynx. Then goes into the trachea, which branches into left and right bronchus, which enter the right and left lung.

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Oxygen study guide
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