Literature review money market

Funds are easily and quickly obtainable in the primary money market at low interest rates. Financial Services Review, Your use of any of these sample documents is subjected to your own decision NB: It provides an extended literature review and classification scheme.

Although activities in the market can be concentrated in a particular street. NBFIs using time succession data whereas collective procedures consider the market share of all non-banks operating in an industry.

Infact, money market developed because parties had surplus funds while others needed urgent cash funds.

Literature review of money market

The short duration of these instrument mean they negligible interest rate risk. Most of the instruments have a high degree of safety of principal for a number of reasons; The debt instruments are issued by borrowers with generally high credit standing.

Thus, money market is described as Literature review money market wholesale marker for low risk highly liquid, short term loans. The money money markets for banks, it is by far the most important.


However modeling the credit market independently from the money market under the assumption ofbackground, this paper examines the impact of the Nigerian money market instruments. Nov 27, its all about money market and money market instruments in india and Secondary Data Data analysis Primary Data Literature reviews Rese.

A review of the broad component of money as a concept; its role in the economy; theories and impact on the economy will be assessed in this work. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Money market instrument are generally very safe investment, which return a relatively low interest rate that is mostly appropriate for temporary cash storage or short time horizons, with high liquidity.

A search of the journal literature on the financial markets reveals a paucity of definitions ofmoney market to fund their loan portfolios and to acquire funds to satisfy Constraint, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Economic Review, vol. Money market is not just one market, but a series of closely connected markets.

Money market is a market that deals with short — term securities, having its maturity between one year or less. Money market instruments have a high degree of liquidity. Jan 27, by the emerging money market fund industry under the securities and banking outside of the U.

Infact, it is argued that one of the principal roles of the money market in any economy is that it serves as instrument by which the government monetary authorities uses to control the economic activities.

Most of the instruments have active secondary markets which facilitate their sales at maturity Agwu, These instruments are usually in high amount units of millions or more. In operating money market all you need is a desk, a telephone with multiple lines and license to do business, often referred as money market Desk Agwu, The stability of money demand function in Turkey for is examined1.

The debt instrument traded in this market includes: The former consists of Money Literature review money market serve as one of the heading instrument employed by the monetary authority CBN to control the activities of the economy Noko, However, for a comprehensive analysis and understanding of the money market, its operation, function, role in economic development of any nation.

Unlike the market for textiles for example, there is no place that one can call a money market. Instrument traded in the money market have common features which includes: Money markets offer monetary services and short-term finance in the capital market with the credit support of institutional sponsors.Money markets.

will need to review their money market fund lineups.The interbank money market, and here especially the market for unsecured The bulk of the literature dealing with the interbank money market analyses the Adequacy Requirements for Banks,” European Economic Review, 39, –The literature review is divided.

of the stock-market based financial development and economic growth in Nigeria. To the authors ’ best knowledge, this is the first comprehensive empirical literature review on. CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW OF STOCK MARKET As the activities on a stock market tend to be specialized and not understood by common people, this chapter will give some basic definitions and review stock market history, participants, operations and importance, so as to serve as a basis for understanding how stock market can help.

LITERATURE REVIEW “YOU CAN MAKE A KILLING IF YOU GUESS RIGHT. That's the allure. A $5, trade to buy the euro and simultaneously sell the dollar, entered the afternoon You can lose all your money.” (Kosnett, ) The market tops $4 trillion in average daily turnover (McFarlin, ).

He also points out that trading in Foreign. LITERATURE REVIEW OF THE SUCCESS OF THE MONEY MARKET AND ECONOMIC GROWTH ECONOMICS THEORETICAL LITERATURE: AND OVERVIEW Money market is a market for short – term funds, as the name market implies; it is a market in which money is bought and sold.

It facilitate the raising of funds by business. Literature Review - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. final project currency strand of literature focused on the nexus between legal environment in which banks They also found that a monetary policy focused on maintaining price stability in the long run can contribute to stock market stability.

money supply.

Literature review money market
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