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The challenge was first for people to understand the problem, the next was learning how to solve the problem, and then it was about selecting the people to demonstrate the new approaches which we all had a hand in designing. Villagers also soon saw the financial benefits from protecting the forest through the harvesting of non-timber forest products NTFPs.

How is this different from now? I visited the integrated farm of Thanawm Chuwaingan, which Thanawm had started three years previously on about one and one-half acres of land.

An area which, not long ago, had resembled a desert landscape is now a site for ecotourism. The most successful farmers volunteered their time to serve as extension assistants for others.

It was like someone suffering from extreme depression.

What were some of the problems your village was having before this project began? People from every continent have visited us, under the auspices of United Nations supported study tours. At first, I would go out to the village to sell my produce, but now they come to me. The dense vegetation protected the soil from erosion and provided natural pest control because each crop pest, specializing in a particular crop, had difficulty finding its food in a field full of other plants.

Rainwater just ran off the fields. To protect the forest, rules were established governing the harvest of forest resources by villagers. For more details contact Mr Jagadesh - Diversity of agroforestry provided both cash crops and food for home consumption.

He covers all the soil in mulch dry plant leaves and rice stems. The model began as a small-scale experiment, where farmers who could afford to take the risk of experimenting with the new alternatives were selected by their peers in each participating village.

We have friends who come to visit and we have plenty of food for them. After an initial flush of quick cash, crop prices began to decline because so many farmers were growing the same thing. Crop diversity provides a variety of foods.

Increasingly, farmers were unable to meet production thresholds in order to pay off their debts and make a profit. Previously, if crops failed, emergency foods could be found from natural sources — forests, streams, wetlands, and so on.

There was little trust and less cooperation. The trip took five or six days. This was stressed repeatedly by all the people interviewed. Amanda Suutari Editorial contributions: When the rains did come, storms of unprecedented intensity often struck.

As a former member of the project team recalls: The team expanded to working with a gradually increasing number of villages and farmers. Debt increased due to expenses for chemical fertilizers, pesticides, mechanical tillage, and a generally perceived need for greater material consumption, along with increasing family expenses for food, medicine, and other essential commodities.

Farmers earned less cash than they hoped to get with the export crops, but their costs for food and agricultural inputs were drastically reduced, and a wide range of forest products became available as well.

People were cutting down trees and clearing more land for new fields wherever they could find it.Reversing Tropical Deforestation: Agroforestry and Community Forest Management (Nakhon Sawan Province, Thailand). Notifications specifying the tax collection at source (TCS) rates to be collected by e-commerce operators for inter-State and intra-State supplies issued.

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Handicraft business plan ppt free
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