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High school students are expected to plan, draft, and complete written compositions on a regular basis. The student is expected to: English II One Credit.

The student analyzes literary elements for their contributions to meaning in literary texts. The student speaks clearly and effectively for a variety of purposes and Eng 2.

The student produces visual representations that communicate with Eng 2. Students learn literary forms and terms associated with selections being read.

The student understands and interprets visual representations.

These personal forms of writing may include a response to literature, a reflective essay, or an autobiographical narrative. The student prepares, organizes, plans, and presents literary interpretations.

The student reads critically to evaluate texts and the authority of sources. The student expresses and supports responses to various types of texts. An emphasis is placed on persuasive forms of writing such as logical arguments, expressions of opinion, and personal forms of writing.

The student listens attentively for a variety of purposes. The student comprehends selections using a variety of strategies. The student prepares and presents informative and persuasive messages. The student listens to analyze, appreciate, and evaluate oral performance and presentations.

The student acquires an extensive vocabulary through reading and systematic word study. The student relies increasingly on the conventions and mechanics of written English, including the rules of usage and grammar, to write clearly and effectively.

The student reads extensively and intensively for different purposes in varied sources, including world literature.

The student uses recursive writing processes when appropriate. The student analyzes and critiques the significance of visual representations.

In English II, students practice all forms of writing. The student reads in order to research self-selected and assigned topics. The student uses writing as a tool for learning. Students interpret the possible influences of the historical context on a literary work.

Students edit their papers for clarity, engaging language, and the correct use of the conventions and mechanics of written English and produce final, error-free drafts. The student writes in a variety of forms, including business, personal, literary, and persuasive texts, for various audiences and purposes.

English II students read extensively in multiple genres from world literature such as reading selected stories, dramas, novels, and poetry originally written in English or Eng 2 to English from oriental, classical Greek, European, African, South American, and North American cultures.(C) describe and analyze the development of plot and identify conflicts and how they are addressed and resolved; (S&S1CoC - TAKS 2) (combines Eng I C&D, adds new dimension) (D) analyze the melodies of literary language, including its use of evocative words and rhythms.

Toshi no Sa x Omegaverse BL (c.1) [Eng] [Kakine] Manazashi no Hayagane [Eng] [MADARAME Hiro] Shishunki no Ayamachi [Eng] [HINO Garasu] Renai Kidou | Orbit of the Love [Eng].

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Eng 2
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