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The end results of health care: Ernest Codman's contribution to quality assessment and beyond.

Codman recorded and published errors. He was an advocate of hospital reform and is the acknowledged founder of what today is known as outcomes management in patient care. Find articles by Richard A. The latter entity eventually became the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

He was, however, a rather insistent person, and perhaps in part owing to disagreements with colleagues, in he resigned his full-time post at MGH and opened his own hospital: Codman and the rhetoric of battle: Times, Sunday Times The end result is a good one.

Codman entered Harvard College ingraduated cum laude in and subsequently entered Harvard Medical School. The Sun This probably has more to do with your attitude than their actionsbut the end results will be the same.

The End Result of a Life in End result idea [ 4 ]. The Sun End result idea is always the case with souphome-made stock will make the end result infinitely better. He subsequently obtained the position of Assistant in Anatomy at MGH and was apprenticed to Francis Harrington, the Chief of the Surgical Services formal residencies as we know them did not exist in those days Fig.

Codman made public the end results of his own hospital in a privately published book, A Study in Hospital Efficiency. A Study in Hospital Efficiency. Read more… The end result will be very calm and smooth. Codman was an self-described atheist and was known to provoke his peers with exaggeration and humor.

Transparency was an issue for the American medical profession a century ago, and transparency is an issue for the American medical profession today.

Codman eventually established his own hospital which he called the "End Result Hospital" to pursue the performance measurement and improvement objectives he believed in so fervently. The family had long lived in New England, the earliest known Codman having received a grant of land in Salem, Massachusetts in He attended the Fay School in Southboroughand prepped at St.

Received Jul 20; Accepted Aug 3. Times, Sunday Times The end result is good for individuals and the economy. The end result is very good and very successful. Each patient was followed up on for at least one year to observe long-term outcomes. From tohe described patients who were dismissed from his hospital.

Codman "walked the walk" as well as "talked the talk. Codman passionately promoted transparency in order to raise standards. The end result idea was considered heretical at the time, but in retrospect Codman was sagacious and prescient.

The End Results of Health Care: Ernest Codman’s Contribution to Quality Assessment and Beyond

Times, Sunday Times But the end result put us at risk in at least three ways. Codman was the first American doctor to follow the progress of patients through their recoveries in a systematic manner.

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A century later, the medical profession is still struggling with the same issues as though they were new. Codman said, "Let us remember that the object of having standards is to raise them.

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He was an early and prolific author, publishing not only in radiology, but also many aspects of general surgery. The editor notes this biosketch came largely from the excellent and entertaining biography by William Mallon, Ernest Amory Codman: While there, he instituted the first morbidity and mortality conferences.E.A.

Codman’s conception and development of the “end result idea” in the s are unduly neglected in the history of health care assessment.

The “idea” entailed following patients long enough to determine if treatments proved successful and taking comprehensive measures to prevent new failures if outcomes were undesirable.

Jan 11,  · The end result idea was considered heretical at the time, but in retrospect Codman was sagacious and prescient.

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He was an advocate for transparency, which he believed would promote quality improvement, patient choice, and physician learning. Moved Permanently. The document has moved here. Aug 19,  · Closely related to his idea of an End Result System, Codman developed the first registry.

In two papers we republish here [ 1, 2 ], Codman described a way to follow patients nationally. His registry on bone sarcoma became practical in with a gift of $ from the family of a patient.

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