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Elgin Marbles

The collection held in the British Museum includes the following material from the Acropolis: What is the ideal solution? Besides, it was not my statement- it was User: I think those are better titles- although I would get rid of the brackets.

The Elgin Marbles are only a portion of the Parthenon sculpture, and are not identical with the metopes. As for the Wyatt quote, that should not be there as it is POV- ie it is not presented in a Elgin marbles opinion way.

Mrs Clooney, who is part of the legal team advising the Greek government on possible action in the international courts to force the return of the marbles, claimed Britain should be embarrassed for retaining them. I myself prefer the title "Elgin marbles", because the term "Parthenon marbles" is ambiguous--it can refer either to all of the sculpture of the Parthenon, or those particular pieces that are in the British Museum.

Wikipedia is not a campaign ground. I know that I am a bad writer, but I hope to receive many serious replies about this issue!

Why are the Elgin marbles so controversial – and everything else you need to know

In particular the section titles "Damage within the UK". If any one else has the urge to do it before I get chance- please do!!! Furthermore, whole sections of the metopes were sawed off and brought down off the building, whereas the "missing firman" was rumoured to only provide him with authorised casting, copying and collecting fragments off the ground.

It says the Parthenon sculptures in London are "an important representation of ancient Athenian civilisation in the context of world history". Hang on while I bring the pyramids back to Europe. More surprisingly, even when you include the quotes, Google returns pages that use the combination of words but not the exact phrase.

Did you read the full transcript? Further Byron was the most historically notable of the people who condemned this action Britannica sees it fit to mention his stance so that should stay as well. No naval bombardment involved. Secondly, your point about majority opinion neatly demonstrates the problem with this article.

Yes, the super-complicated and arduous goal should be to rebuild the Parthenon - virtually.

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Ultimately and of course, virtual recreations of the detailed original placements of these pieces also belong in the Parthenon Wiki, and i might add as a Wikipedia sponsored computer display in the new Acropolis Museum in Athens.

Maybe it should be added to the Parthenon article, but it has nothing to do with the Elgin Marbles. Even celebrities have been involved in the elgin marbles debate. By his own account, he was concerned about damage being done to important artworks in the temples of Greecethen under Ottoman sway.

Other than that, I think your additions have only improved the article. Most UK and other web sites which discuss the Elgin Marbles tend to be even handed so will also mention the alternative name of "Parthenon Marbles". My revision is based on the original poll, as described on the Ipsos MORI website, and is expressed in neutral language.

LEAD and your removing sourced content is not likely to help remedy that. This does not support the original Wikipedia statement "Despite the British Museum remaining in ardent refusal, a substantial majority of the population is in favor of returning the Elgin Marbles to Greece" from the Wikipedia article, which is based on the characterization of the poll on the British Committee for the Restoration website, and not on the original poll results.

Yes, I want to report this user. There should be more on the marbles themselves and less on Elgin.

Brexit chisels away any right Britain had to the Parthenon marbles

It states in the "Legality of the Elgin marbles opinion of the sculptures" that "ghiaja" means grandmother in modern Italian. The "Parthenon Marbles taken by Elgin" seems, though certainly not ideal, a better choice to name this article, with a redirect from an otherwise empty page: Because there ought to have been.

Does anyone realize the significance of the year ? Sorry I do not see how this effects the bias of the article? The British museum should follow suit and put an end to more than two centuries of bad feeling in Greece.

It should be made clear in the lead that this issue is as much an internal British dispute as it is between Britain and Greece. Thanks to DD for returning to this section and fleshing it out. British Museum[ edit ] Tools used for the cleaning of the Elgin marbles.

Therefore I put a mention of that in. BUT, it does have a good Flash? These were afterwards sent to the British Museum in Londonwhere they have been on display for more than two centuries now.

This imbalance is against Wikipedia:In this opinion essay, I plan to describe the Elgin Marbles themselves, explain my opinion on the Greeks argument, and end with my opinion of why the British have every right to keep what they have left.

Let’s first take a look at the Elgin marbles themselves. Opinion Sport Culture Lifestyle Show More News US news World news Environment Soccer US politics Seeing the Parthenon marbles in London was a turning point for Rodin – illustrated to.

May 20,  · Beautiful modern and airy museum, life size Parthenon with place left for the return of the Elgin marbles, these should now be given back to the Greeks.4/4. The Elgin Marbles (/ Another opinion poll in (again carried out by MORI) showed similar results, with 40% of the British public in favour of returning the marbles to Greece, 16% in favour of keeping them within Britain and the remainder either having no opinion or would not ultimedescente.com: Phidias.

Jun 08,  · News about Elgin Marbles. Commentary and archival information about Elgin Marbles from The New York Times.

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Feb 20,  · In “The Real Life of the Parthenon,” Patricia Vigderman visits classic sites of the ancient world, exploring their complex, contested heritage.

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