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Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to cheating, plagiarism, fabrication of information or citations, facilitating acts of academic dishonesty by others, unauthorized prior possession of examinations, submitting work of another person or work previously used without informing the instructor and securing written approval, or tampering with the academic work of other students.

If the course is not completed within 12 months the enrollment in the course will be terminated and you have to re-enroll in order to continue the course work. Most students find that they learn best when they complete one or two lessons a week. Any student who incurs a failure in any subject shall not be readmitted to any of the other graduate programs.

Another option for lesson submission is the fax. This provision on disqualification to graduate due to a deficient grade may be overcome if the student retakes and passes the subject. All the other students have to report to the JBLF campus for the examinations at a time and date arranged with the Graduate School office.

He advises guides and evaluates the student until the latter is assigned a thesis adviser. There are limitations on the number of lessons you can submit at one time. Most lessons in the learning guide contain written assignments that must be submitted to the GS-DE Center.

In addition, you will need to schedule Case study jblfmu online distance education for examinations. Program Adviser The Dean assigns a program adviser to each student. After all the written assignments preceding each exam shall have been submitted and returned with passing grade, student may arrange to take the examination.

Also, course assignments may be submitted by e-mail, uploaded through the efront.

Graduate Distance Education - Open Learning

The program adviser helps the student work out his program of study. Submitting Lessons Distance Education-Open Learning is designed to allow you to set your learning pace. In the case of seafarers they may report to the JBLF Graduate School and arrange to take the examination upon embarkation.

Students are also encouraged to use instant messenger for fast enquiries. Examinations Most courses include at least two examinations, a midterm and a final.

No student may take the examination for the course until he has completed all the previous written assignments. If there is no constraint given in a letter from your instructor, you may submit no more than one-sixth of your lessons in a seven-day period.

Writing is a crucial component of your course, and you can best judge how easy or difficult it is for you and how much time it will take. The ODL learning platform also provides specific instruction how to upload and submit course requirements once you are given access to specific course material.

The student can use e-mail to communicate with the DE Center and in some cases with the instructors as well. Your study guide or course instructor may state the maximum rate of lesson submission for your course. Academic dishonesty can lead to a failing grade. It contains written assignments that the student may complete and send to the GS Distance Education Center or upload through the efront.

If a student with an INC grade opts to enroll during the term without completing the INC, the JBLFMU reserves the right to invoke sections 1 and 2 above until the subject requirements are completed and the corresponding grade is given.

Any action or any infraction thus committed by any graduate student and brought to the attention of school authorities shall be meted the appropriate penalty only after due investigation and deliberation by the Conduct Board. Any student who gets a grade lower than 2.

Electronic mail email is the preferred method of lesson submission. When an assignment is received it is recorded and forwarded to the instructor who evaluates and grades the assignment and returns it to the students thru the GS-DE office. All students must meet the herein specified academic requirements and disciplinary standards.

The date and time of the examination shall be arranged according to the convenience of student and shall be taken at the JBLF-GS campus.

If for reason beyond your control, you are prevented from completing a course within the prescribed time, the instructor may defer your grade. When transmitting several pages, please label and number each page; include your name, address, student ID number, course abbreviation, and lesson number. This grade is then forwarded to the Office of the Graduate School Registrar and entered on your permanent academic record.

Course Materials The module provides discussions, explanations, and assignments which will guide the student through the course as a classroom instructor would.

To participate, you need to have access to an electronic mail system.The case study presented, showcased how the JBLFMU developed its implementation of eLearning practices and how it affects the institution's goal to conduct its education services via the digital realm and its aim in extending graduate maritime studies throughout the country and the whole world.


The JBLFMU-Distance Education-Open Learning Office (DE-OL) aims to extend graduate maritime studies throughout the country and the whole world; to provide opportunities for instructors/trainers in maritime educational institutions, personnel of maritime and shipping industries on-board ship and/or ashore to acquire a master’s.

Distance education has a long history, but its popularity and use has grown exponentially as more advanced technology has become available.

JBLFMU attends the Philippine eLearning Society 10th Annual Conference

Byonline learning programs were available in the United States in 44 states at the K level. This study examines the outcome of pedagogic practice of LMS through eFront in Online Distance Learning of the JBLFMU with the aim of identifying the features of online distance learning which overcome distance, time and space, making education and training available to clients at all times and giving them opportunity to learn new skills.

Browse Case Study and Distance Learning content selected by the eLearning Learning community. the JBLFMU is committed to the development of a culture of excellence in maritime education and training, Education Case Study Distance Learning.

examining barriers to distance education Review is an often-overlooked word in the title of this journal. Certainly, review includes Karen Murphy’s efforts as book review editor and Eric Plotnik’s excellent summaries of manuscripts included in the ERIC system.

Case study jblfmu online distance education
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