Case one tanglewood stores and staffing strategy

Data regarding recruiting practices, methods for interviewing, testing and selecting employees, and employee turnover are sent from the individual store to the corporate headquarters.

Looking at the employee figures of Tanglewood, the company is currently overstaffed. Over the course of the last year, all proposed employees have been administered all the new selection tools during the hiring process.

Staffing Agency One method that has been explored recently is the use of an external staffing agency. If some methods seem more "targeted," whom do you think they target?

Write one paragraph proposals for targeted, realistic, and branded recruiting messages for Tanglewoods customer store associate positions. External or Internal Hiring. Tanglewood Case Study Case description Tanglewood is a general retail store chain which specializes in many items including appliances, electronics, clothing and home decor.

Compute year end totals for each job in Case one tanglewood stores and staffing strategy 1. To estimate the labor forecast the proportion of individuals for the next year is multiplied by the current work force.

If we look at the next three decisions for the staffing levels, hire or retain decision, over staffed or understaffed decision, and external or internal hiring precedure we will see that Tanglewood Company is over-staffed.

Because StoreStaff provides some training to their pool of candidates, they are less expensive to train, but the overhead costs of providing money to StoreStaff for locating and screening these candidates does make this method quite costly.

Both of these individuals were recently hired personally by Emerson and Wood as part of their plan to centralize and improve the human resources function.

Eaglette-Schubert has a long history of successful class action lawsuits against large companies in the retail industry, with some cases resulting in decisions in the millions of dollars. The reports that you produce will be given to Perrone and Gonzalez, who will disseminate them throughout the organization.

In a flow analysis, data from the organizations hiring practices and applicant pool are used to compare how many individuals were hired from various groups in the applicant pool.

Developing Affirmative Action Plan: Both short and long term options for shortages involving a combination of staffing and workload management is possible. Prepare a memo to be disseminated to the individual stores that gives a sense of your targets for the organization as a whole, and also gives the stores advice on how they can assist in narrowing any representation gaps you find through their recruiting, hiring, and promotion practices.

Managers want to find ways to reduce the amount of time they have to spend with assessing new candidates.

For external staffing objectives, these may be stated in terms of averages, such as average educational level for new hires and average scores on ability testes. A few managers have suggested that finding a way to concentrate on methods that do not have this problem would be beneficial.

Tanglewood Case 1 Essay

The company needs to have exceptional workforce quality in order to continue the success of the company. Western Washington uses a variety of recruiting methods.

Does this division have a point? As pertains to staffing, the manager of operations and human resources is responsible for planning, recruitment, and initial screening.


All three of these methods were first tried in this region. Many organizations use StoreStaff to find temporary employees, or provide trial employment to StoreStaff employees as part of a temporary-to-permanent arrangement, but for Tanglewood, individuals recruited through StoreStaff are directly hired as part of the core workforce.

A preferred activity is one offering the highest likelihood of attaining the staffing objective, within the time limit established, at the least cost and with the fewest negative side effects. One clear concern is that any new employee must fit well with the group into which they are selected.

Managers note several elements of the organizations culture which you read about in the introductory case that they think should be part of the recruiting strategy.

This means that a company can engage in wide-ranging discrimination even without overt discriminatory intent, but based on subtle, unobserved preferences.TANGLEWOOD STORES AND STAFFING STRATEGY HRMA Fall Faculty: Dr Sami A.

Khan. Case one principles: 1. You will first assess the current operating environment for Tanglewood in terms of it competitors, structure, employees, culture, values, and human resources function. 2. Then you will then develop. Case 1: Staffing Tanglewood is a chain of general retail stores featuring items such as clothing, appliances, electronics, and home decor.

Tanglewood should be able to gradually integrate its diversification strategy. One of the challenges with diversity, particularly those dealing with language barriers, deals with having management 5/5(2). case one: tanglewood stores and staffing strategy Case one principles: 1.

You will first assess the current operating environment for Tanglewood in terms of it competitors, structure, employees, culture, values, and human resources function.

TANGLEWOOD STORES Planning – Specific Assignment Details 1. Tanglewood Case 1. TANGLEWOOD STORES. Planning – Specific Assignment Details. This should be an overview of the number of individuals needed to meet projected staffing levels for various positions that can be given to store managers.

Make sure that your. Tanglewood Case One Introduction Mr. Donald Penchiala, Director of Staffing Services, with Tanglewood Department Store, has concerns regarding the quality, quantity, and selection of staffing candidates.

Tanglewood Stores and Staffing Strategy

It is our mission to help him devise an effective selection procedure. There are thirteen staffing level and staffing quality dimensions to cover. Our recommendations must be thought of 90%(30).

Case one: Tanglewood Stores and Staffing Strategy Staffing Levels I. Acquire or Develop Talent Over seeing the information presented in the case Tanglewood should develop their talent in house, due to Tanglewoods strong culture and values that strive for employee participation.

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Case one tanglewood stores and staffing strategy
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