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Inflicted the reign of terror and violence. It was part of expansion of Russian influence in Eastern Europe. Taken prisoner from Versailles to Paris. It referred to those who wore loose-fitting trousers rather than the tight-fitting breeches worn Ap euro unit i aristocratic men.

Robespierre thought everyone was against him, so anytime he heard someone saying bad against the government, they were punished. He laid the foundation for modern astronomy. It argues that a free market economy is more productive and beneficial to a society.

They believed that God had designed the universe and set it in motion, but no longer intervened in its functioning. He discovered gravitation, invented calculus, and formulated the laws of motion.

Even though he initially looked up to Napoleon, they became enemies. He did not support equal distribution of wealth and believed that only the educated should vote Waterloo the battle on June 18, in which Napoleon met his final defeat.

Believes in a constitutional monarchy and believes that the old monarchy should only be exiled not executed. Hated by French in Revolution. He also rejected the idea of heliocentricism.

He undermined the idea of unchanging universe and developed a new and improved telescope. Called on her Austrian brother to wage war on France.

The practice may be carried out by an army in enemy territory, or its own home territory. Were wealthy but had no status, priveledge or voice in the government. Attempts to reinstitute slavery in the sugar colonies for funding. Becomes the more moderate of the 2 groups from the split.

The battle was located in Belgium, the place where the british army and the prussian army forces attacked the french. Author of "Principia"; made major leaps forward in astronomical Invented the telescope observations and discoveries.

He came up with the idea of the three branches of government and greatly influenced the United States Constitution. Infatuated with Voltaire and introduced the French language, style and culture in to Russia. The translation, published ten years after her death inis still considered the standard French translation.

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Heavily taxed, sumptuary laws. Russia defeated Napoleon using the scorched earth policy. Most of the instruments of Terror were dismantled, Jacobins were purged from public office, and Jacobin supporters were harassed or even murdered.

Alexander joined the third coalition against Napoleon and even continued to trade Britain after the Continental System was put in to place by Napoleon. A Vindication of the Rights of Women one of the earliest works of feminist philosophy.

He is known for his famous quote "crush the infamous thing," and for his many works of literature. He pushed for religious toleration, abolishment of torture, and the suppression of monasteries, ruling with enlightenment values.

This theory was made famous in the age of enlightenment by Galileo but first discovered by Copernicus, and was then accepted to be true. The Encyclopedia A collection of works by enlightenment writers that aimed to gather knowledge on religion, science, industry, and society.

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Does away with revolutionary calendar. The document angered the pope and church officials and turned many French Catholics against the revolutionaries.Free AP European History practice tests with advanced reporting, full solutions, and progress tracking.

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3 Estates: The three Estates were as follows: the First Estate included the Catholic Clergy, the Second Estate consisted of the French Nobles and the Third Estate was made up of the commoners who represented 95 to 97% of the population. Click a unit thumbnail to go directly to an AP Euro instructional unit or scroll down to see review resources that I have made available for AP.

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Ap euro unit i
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